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2020 Must Haves For Your Boho-Bedroom

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in your bedroom, whether that be lounging, sleeping, eating, binge watching Netflix, or finding the next best plant for your room. We all want the space we spend most of our time in to be inviting and cozy. Boho decor has been continuing to rise in popularity and I cant think of a better way than to decorate your bedroom with lots of color, abstract patterns/shapes, and cozy fabrics. There are endless possibilities and here are some great ideas to add or to completely redecorate your bedroom!

What comes to mind when you think of boho style for your room? Subscribe and comment below your answer. I love to hear all about others ideas and creativity.

1. Bed Frame

Let us start with the main piece and focal point of the room. Face it rustic, low profile, wooden frames are in and I do not see them going anywhere anytime soon. The absolutely make a room especially being the main piece of furniture in the room.

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2. Colors

Find a color or several that you would like to tie into the room. With boho style skies the limit with deep earthy tones for your base and accessorize with bright and bold statement colors. I recommend picking three earth tones and three bright colors as a start, but if you have an idea go with it there is no right or wrong.

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3. Bedding

When picking our bedding we look for esthetics and comfort. Down comforters with duvet cover make for great comfort and duvets come in many colors, fabrics and patterns. Duvet covers are easy-to clean and fold up to store so having several can be a way to change things up now and again!.

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Down Comforter Inserts

4. Area Rug

When it comes to picking out an area rug for your room there is no rules. You can go for bright and colorful, simple designs, small size, over size, matching colors, mismatched colors. You can have multiples to switch out every so often just like your bedding. Have carpeted room already, no worries layering rugs is in and here to stay. The possibilities are endless.

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5. Wall Art

So many options for wall art. A couple fan favorites have been macrame', wall plates and motivational quote prints. What are some of your favorites!? Hang prints or macrame above your bed to substitute as head board, fill up a wall of hand made boho chic plates on an open wall.

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6. Plants

Not only are plants are a great esthetic for your bedroom they are also great air purifiers. Pothos make a great effortless plant that will vine its way around your bedroom, low maintenance and look great in a macrame' plant hanger. Snake plant are known as the natural air purifiers for your home and require low maintenance. You can also check out our list of plants on our air purifying plants for indoors.

"The 10 Best Indoor Plants To Purify The Air In Your Home"

7. All About The Details

Last, but not least add some extras like a chunky throw blanket and decorative throw pillows. The small detail is what will make your room feel extra special to you.

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Thank you for reading and please share with us your boho room once you finish decorating!!

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