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5 Farm House Decor Ideas of 2020

Updated: May 21, 2020

A new year, a new trend, a new style!! Farm house decor has made a big entrance into our hearts and homes. Tons of options to dress up your home and give it that cozy comfy feel. Choose from several ideas to revamp your home, renovate, or just add some small goodies to spruce up a room.

With this year being tough for all of us we have found many ways to keep ourselves busy at home, redecorating has been one of the top activities. Decompress, get the family together, complete projects that you have been wanting to tackle.

Everything from mason jars, painted cabinets, wood accents, and vintage decorations the possibilities are endless. Here is a handful of ideas to get your creativity flowing.

1. Farm House Ladder

Farm house ladder, french ladder, or blanket ladder goes by many names and many uses. Can serve as as plant hanger and displayed from ceiling, store your cozy blankets, or use as storage for bathroom. The options are endless and completely up to the look or use you are going for. Dolor options vary but that old rustic brown wash or white have been top choices.

Check out Farmhouse Ladder HERE!!

2. Olive Trees

Can not go wrong with bringing live plants into your home and if you are an olive lover you are in luck. Olive trees can survive in your home and range in various sizes do to type and growth. They can reach up to 10 feet tall in a container pot. you can keep them shorter by pruning. They love bright sun so place near window or sky light where they can soak up the bright light. They require soil that drains well (ie: cactus soil), and plant in pot that has proper drainage holes. Allow the top 1 inch of soil to completely dry before watering again. Once it starts to reach it full growth they will need to be relocated to the outdoors, which means more olives and an awesome tree!!

Get your home an Olive Tree HERE!!

3. Vintage Pottery

Where to begin where to begin.... any type of vintage pottery is beautiful. Lots of greens, grays, and blues for either your plant containers, dish-ware, cooking-ware, or vases. Fill up your antique cabinets with some of thee beauties, add a huge vase to your living room or pot your olive tree!!

Add Vintage pottery to your home HERE

4. Dark Green Walls

Reporting!! Dark green walls are in and painting its way into many home!! Who doesn't love shades of green, whether you want to change all walls or add a colored accent wall you can not go wrong with this shade of dark green. Any room in your home would work great with this color and add to that farm house cozy feel.

Get your Dark Green paint HERE!!

5. Painted Cabinets

Everyone has been stepping out of the norm an adding beautiful colors to their cabinets. Popular colors have been blues, greens, purple, black and several more. Bring some life to your kitchen with a pop of color.

Pick your color HERE!!

Until next time lovelies!!

By EasyLeaf

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