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Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Monstera Full & Green!!

While there are many plants that belong to the Monstera family, they roughly follow the same care. Monstera Deliciosa are native to tropical forest weather and this at time can be hard to replicate. This beloved plant can be yours if you follow the following care tips.

Add to your plant family!!

Monstera thrive from low to bright indirect light. Place by a window that gets a good amount of indirect light. Keep note that they do grow much faster in brighter light, but if overexposed to light the leaves may burn.

Novelty Indoor Watering Can

It is hard to follow a strict schedule, so be sure to always check the soil for dryness and moisture. I check on my plants daily to make sure they are receiving the proper needs. Monstera are ready to water when its soil is dry from 1-2" of top soil. Be sure to let the water fully drain out and avoid sitting in water. This can cause root rot. Mist the leaves with a spray bottle, I typically do this every other watering to keep the leaves hydrated.

Monsteras thrive in temperatures 68-86 degrees F making it easy to adapt to your home. They love a little humidity so misting every so often will keep your happy. The trick is to mist it in the morning so it gets to completely dry by the evening.

Extra tips and tricks

Dusting: The leaves tend to get dusty over time, simply take a damp (water) cloth or paper towel wipe down the leaves and then dry off excess water left behind.

Soil & Fertilizer: Monstera prefer a loamy, well drained soil. Fertilizing once a month during spring and summer months; winter do not soil to allow the monstera to rest.

Soil Options: I use this mixture personally and it works great! My monstera has grow 2 new leaves in the past few weeks.

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Propagating: 6 Steps: 1. Take stem cutting with several nodes. 2. Choose growing medium (soil or water) water allows you to see growing process. 3. Keep warm and in bright area. 4. Keep moist. 5. Forget about it, let the leaf do its thing. 6. New roots means its time to pot!!

Pets&Children: Leaves are mildly toxic and can cause irritation and vomiting if ingested.

Yellow or Brown Leaves: Yellow leaves can be due to overwatering, soil should be damp not wet, in the winter you can allow soil to dry out more. Low humidity level and dry soil can cause the edges of the leaves to turn brown, be sure to mist leaves to keep them hydrated. Too much light can burn leaves, and too little light can turn leaves yellow. Pests can occur when monstera is in improper conditions, treat asap if you find insects in your plant. Lastly some yellowing can be normal due to aging leaves, shed old leaves to grow new ones.

My plants are a part of my family and I take pride in caring for all of them!! I hope this brings some ease and joy to your home knowing there is a pant for everyone!!

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