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6 Best Indoor String of.... Plants for Your Home!

When I think of "String" plants I imagine a plant growing beautifully full, long, and green. Slowly stringing their was around a room. These lovely plants will take great lengths to reach their way around your space, to grow as long as they can, and show off how beautiful they really are. All of these plants are part of the succulent family and would love to hang around your home. When you think of String plant what comes to your mind, what do you imagine or hope it would look like?

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1. String of Pearl

The kind of pearls any girl could ask for!! Did you know some say they can smell bits of cinnamon from the blooms? This cascading succulent will make a great addition to your home. These beauties if indoors like to be by a window taking in bright indirect light. They need to be in well drained soil mixed with sand medium to avoid over moisture. Keep out of reach for plants and children, they can be mildly toxic. This would make a great hanging plant to put on display in your home. They grow wild in East Africa.

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2. String of Bananas

They go by several names, Senecio Radicans, String of Fish hooks and String of Bananas. These fast growing vines can reach up to 36 inches in length! Very similar to String of Pearls they love to soak up bright indirect light and also let off a faint odor of cinnamon. String of Banana is known as a trialing succulent and is said to be pretty easy to take care! Some say even easier than the Pearls. They grow wild in Africa.

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3. String of Hearts

Keeping it going with the String of Hearts!! Who doesn't love hearts!? Known for the beautiful shape of their leaves. They are succulent-like in nature and prefer periods of drought between watering. They soak up indirect bright light and prefer to be out of the shade. With the proper care and environment they quickly create a beautiful beaded curtain effect of heart shaped leaves and display colors of pink and magenta when bloomed. They can be found growing wild in South Africa.

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4. String of Dolphins

For all your Dolphin lovers, this could be the closets to having your own dolphin pod. Why not add a plant to your home that is shaped like your favorite animal! These succulents are nicely plump and green. They are a cross between string of pearls and hot dog cactus, yes, Hot Dog Cactus ( you should check it out!) Light is an important factor in the growth for this guy, but other than that it is pretty low maintenance.

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5. String of Turtles

Peperomia Prostrata or String of Turtles are native to Brazil. This succulents leaves look similar to the shell of a turtle with beautiful patterns on each leaf and pinkish vines. They are easy to propagate and root quickly. It is said that they are hard to find so if you see one you will definitely want to get your hands on one!!

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6. String of Nickels

And last but not least! Also known as Dischida, this is a very uncommon house plant, but are known to be easy to take care of. If you are looking for a no fuss plant to hang in your home this is one for you!! String of Nickels can be hung in a hanging basket or even mounted to the wall on a pice of bark or moss. This house plant is the lowest maintenance of them all and can thrive in low lighting, they love the humidity so a kitchen or bathroom would be great. They like their soil to be evenly moist and is recommended to repot yearly. Native to the tropical regions of India.

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