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6 Little Must Haves For a Spa-like Bathroom On a Budget!!

We all need a spot to call our little oasis. Whether you have a small or big bathroom, shower, tub, or both here are items you can add to get that spa feel you have always wanted!!

Here's 6 ways to turn your bathroom into a spa.. UNDER $100! Bathroom decor + more! Cheap ideas when you're on a budget.

1. Shower Head

When I moved into my apartment that is one of the first things I replaced was my shower head. I could stand in the shower for hours while receiving an amazing head massage by this over sized shower head!!

Buy Yours: Nearmoon Rain Shower Head

2. Plants

Pothos make a great bathroom plant. Place it in your Shower, hand out it over your bathtub or by your mirror. Great thing as it grows, the vines will make their way around your bathroom space!! Check out our macramé plant hangers, makes for a great way to hang up your potho!! Happy Planting

Bur Yours: Costa Farm Pothos

Buy Yours: EasyLeaf Macrame Plant Hangers

3. Bath Caddy

Spend that extra time you need in the bath tub with your personal shower caddy. enjoy a glass of wine, read a book, watch a movie, endless choices!!

Buy Yours: Umbra Adjustable Bath Caddy

4. Hot Stone

"Click here" for how to use your hot stones

Treat yourself to a hot stone massage right in your bathroom. massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.

Buy Yours: Sivan Health Hot Stone Set

5. Diffuser

Add your favorite essential oils to this little guy and make the whole room smell like paradise. This is one of my favorite additions to my bathroom!

Buy Your: Zen Breeze Diffuser

6. DIY Body Scrub

Stay tuned for next blog for my Body Scrub recipe. I have been using it for years, it is easy to make and is made of simple organic ingredients!!

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