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7 Plants That Will Love Being in Your Shower

Have you ever been scrolled through your social media and came across a bathroom picture with plants in the shower and was like what the heck!? Can plants even survive that, is it just staged, won't they get too much water? And the truth is..... there are many plants that would love to make your shower their home. Not only will these plants help with eliminating impurities in the air, it looks absolutely amazing!! Turn your shower into a little urban jungle with these plants.

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1. Moss Orchid

Many orchid species derive from wet and humid rainforests growing high in the canopies of trees. Orchids prefer humidity to be between 50-70% so as you shower you are providing the proper hydration to your moss orchid. They do not require soil making it simple to add to your shower. They require bright light so be sure your bathroom gets plenty of natural light. You can simply hang your orchid in a shower caddy that suctions to your shower wall. Get creative with either a shell or planting pouch to place in your shower!!

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2. Peace Lily

Peace Lilys need indirect low light and water making this an easy to care for shower plant!! As your Lily booms it helps improve the air quality in your space. This guy right here can help keep your shower mildew free and absorb harmful vapors. They love the sunlight so they require bright indirect light, love lots water of course, and require a pot change once a year depending on the growth.

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3. English Ivy

English Ivy is known for its vining habits and can be hung up in your shower to absorb water and purify your bathroom. Watch as it continues to grow and make its way around your shower!! English Ivy will turn your shower into an urban jungle. They love the humidity and indirect medium to bright light. On a side note, once a week set the ivy aside to dry a bit and then place back in for it to soak up some more moisture!!

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4. Fish Hook Senecio

Exactly how it is named, these little fish hooks will vine its way around your bathroom. Also known as string of bananas, Fish Hook Senecio are succulents that require indirect light and plenty of water that drains completely out. It is best to either hang on the opposite side of your shower head or just draped outside your shower.

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5. Golden Pothos

These famous viney green plants have made their way into most peoples homes, but did you know they can be put in the shower!? They require low-medium indirect light, and are know for their ability to live in water. They are very tolerant making it easy for them to climb around your bathroom. Perfect for hanging off your curtain rods!!

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6. Eucalyptus

Now if you have not tried this you must!! Eucalyptus can be turn your shower into an aromatherapy spa by simply attaching or hanging to the shower nozzle. Avoid hanging it right under the water so be sure that it is hanging behind the stream of the shower head. The eucalyptus can last up to a week in your shower, so you can soak up the benefits. Help awaken your senses, clear your mind, and open your nasal passages to breathe easier.

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7. Tropical Pitcher Plant

Tropical Pitcher Plants or monkey cups love for their soil to stay moist but not soggy. They are known for being carnivores that enjoy eating a bug or two and sometimes other small creatures that happen to make their way into its cups. They enjoy being hung up and would do nicely hanging on the opposite side of your shower head. They thrive in full sun to light shade. Also will help keep the bugs away!!

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Stay tuned for more plant ideas, home decor, and more!! We appreciate you being a part of the EasyLeaf Family!! HAPPY PLANTING

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