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Invest In Your Health With an Indoor Garden

How rewarding would it be to create your own food and build the healthiest environment possible in your own home!? Indoor plants are proven to improve health through consumption, reduce stress, improve air quality and overall happiness. Creating a sustainable food source from your home can ensure food for your family, save you time and money from the store, and prepare you for uncontrollable circumstances that life can sometimes bring us.

It can be hard to replicate the proper environment for any plant, herb or vegetable.

Click and Grow has made it possible to do all of this in the ease of yo0ur home. Make this a hobby, educate your children, or make it a family project, the possibilities are endless. Experience the benefits of having your own garden, no matter where you live. Grow 100% organic herbs, fruits, salads and flowers, free from GMOs and pesticides, fresher than any plants you'll find in stores.

From personal experience I have struggled having a garden because I live in an apartment with low lighting and not much humidity. I have struggled to keep any of my herbs and vegetable alive. Smart Gardens make it possible to grow plants 365. They take care of watering, light and nutrients, while you reap the benefits.

Smart Gardens are designed unlike hydroponic systems to make it more successful and easier to grow plants and easier to maintain.

Click and Grow has two types

Smart Garden 3: Holds 3 pods of your choice

Smart Garden 9: Holds 9 pods of your choice

Both have:

  • Automatic watering

  • Perfect amount of light thanks to pro-grow lights

  • Perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen at root level

  • Companion app to become a plant expert

  • Choose from 50+ pre-seeded plant pods from our selection or use your own seeds

It's as easy as...

1. Pick desired plant pod (flower, herb or vegetable)

2. Add Water

3. Plug in and watch grow

Check out Click and Grow today and start planting for the future

For Every Garden You Buy Click and Grow Will Plant a Tree!!

By EasyLeaf

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