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Top 5 Low Light Indoor Plants

I have learned to accept not all plants are suitable for my home. I have low to medium light in my apartment, I had to experiment and do a lot of research in the beginning to find plants for my home. But do not fear, anyone in this position can have many plants in their home!!

1. Snake Plant:

If you are looking for a hardy plant that can survive little to no light this is your guy. Air purifying and make a great choice for your bathroom or bedroom.

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2. Weeping Fig Tree:

They can survive in low filtered light. These work great in your entryway, living space, or kitchen. Who wouldn't love a this tree in their home?!

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3. Heart Leaf Philodendron

Also known as sweet heart plant. This plant will be great in your office space or living space with low light. Bring this beautiful vining plant into your home!!

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4. Chinese Evergreen

One of the best low light plants!! Does not require frequent watering. What more could you ask for!

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5. Dragon Tree

This dragon only require lowlight for 4-6 hours. They prefer the shade the rest of its time. Great addition to your home!!

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My plants are a part of my family and I take pride in caring for all of them!! I hope this brings some ease and joy to your home knowing there is a pant for everyone!!

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By: EasyLeaf

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